Pauline Phoon, also known as Phoonies, is an artist from Singapore who studied art and rediscovered her passion for creating art in 2021. At present, she is a social entrepreneur collaborating with young individuals. Creating art serves as her peaceful retreat to contemplate and make sense of things. She is captivated by the elegance of simple lines paired with colors, providing a counterpoint to the intricacy of our world. In addition to ink, she explores sumi-e, pencil, and acrylic, experimenting with other mediums to convey the images in her imagination.

Here is the collection of her sketches. Some physical locations where you can see and purchase her drawings:

For work in progress and updates, you can follow phoonies sketch on Instagram and Facebook.

If you will like to purchase my original work or for commissioned work, please contact me directly.

Current Exhibitions:

  • Ongoing exhibition at Katong i12 and Rendezvous Hotel Bras Basah with Sound of Art.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

  • 2024 – ANIMA MUNDI – Visions in Venice by ITSLIQUID. 7-21 June 2024.

Past Exhibitions: 

EXOGENESIS 2024 - Eden FROM Creation

Exogenesis is a group art exhibition held at The Arts House (Old Parliament) on 15-17 March 2024. Below are my three responses to the theme Exogenesis.

River Wonderers

Inspired by the beautiful animals in River Wonders Singapore under Mandai Wildlife Reserve. These are digital art created using Procreate on iPad. 

2023 Single Sketches

Emerald Hill

New Zealand

I went on a 3 weeks vacation to New Zealand, covering both North and South Island. The longest trip I made after COVID. The beauty of the land fills me up thoroughly. Side fact, New Zealand in its most native form has no animals, only insects and birds. Animals were introduced to the land by humans. How amazing!

Bible-Based Reflection Works

My faith in Jesus Christ is guides my life. The Bible is the source of wisdom for living life. Sometimes I put it into visual to help myself process what I am learning and going through. 

Almost Mirrow Series

Not the usual mirror reflections. =)

Sheep 23 Series

This is one of the rare moments I painted. I was fixated on sheep since Dec 2022. For my Christian friends, Psalm 23 became the main meditation since. So I crossed into 2023 with sheep in my head. It only occured to me late Jan 2023 that Psalm 23 aligns with the year 23 as well. I don’t usually paint at home as I don’t like wet mess in my home but this time the desire to put this visual in my head on canvas is stronger. A deeper sharing of each painting can be found on my Facebook and Instagram

Pameran Poskad 2022

These 10 postcards of 4″ x 6″ will be displayed and for sale at Pameran Poskad on 2-11 Dec 2022 at ION Art Gallery, Singapore. 

Singapore Lighthouses Series

To capture the night scene of lighthouses in Singapore, a mix medium drawing using Sumi-e, both black and iridescent colours are used to bring out the nuances of black and light in the dark. These pieces have different tones and feel when different amount of light is cast on it. The usual pen lines can be seen when zoomed in for the details.

Singapore Trees Series

The 3 originals are on display and for sale at Ace Framing Gallery (226 River Valley 238284).

Red Brick Series

These 5 sketches are available as a limited print postcard set at

2022 Single Sketches

The National Gallery Series

Special A3 art print without frame for the Supreme Court is available at The Gallery Store (The National Gallery Singapore) .

Ukraine 2022 Series

The Gardens Series

Asia Street Series

Old Singapore River Series

2021 Single sketches