A sudden surge of inspiration with this Chinese New Year in 2013 that I should start blogging again. So a brand new blog site. Maybe some of you are asking what does lollapalooza mean. Sounds like some frilly bombastic word. In creating this blog, I wanted to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary. Many times in the hustle and bustle of life, I miss to appreciate the beauty of people, things and events that is often tucked beneath the surface. I am hoping that this blog will help me to pause so that I can breathe and celebrate life in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Having the direction of what I will blog on is one thing. Choosing the right words for the name of the blog is another. As I played around with words, I decided to consult the faithful thesaurus for more inspiration. I opened my dictionary app on my iPhone and the word of the day, “lollapalooza” popped up right before my eyes! At that instant, I knew that this was the word I was looking for. I love how the word sounds when I read it aloud.

\ lol-uh-puh-LOO-zuh \ , noun;
1. an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance.

I am a follower of Jesus who loves to worship, be it in music, arts or in quietness, living in the tropical island city of Singapore. The Word of God has always been the manual of my life, navigating me through both the rough and smooth waters. Sharing with you some music, my doodling and other little treats that I enjoy along the way that you might too.

Hope you enjoy reading my posts! God bless!

Pauline Phoon

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  1. Hi, I loved your meditation on the wineskin, I was just reading that passage this morning and praying through it…when I went online to see what others had written, I found your site. My brother lives in Singapore, and has for almost a year now. He has not found Christian fellowship there yet…granted, I don’t think he’s looking very hard for it, but he has to work every Sunday. Can you recommend a Church or a Bible Study that I could pass on to him?
    Juliana Ruggiero

    1. Hi Juliana, thank you so much for the encouragement!! With regards to your brother, do you think it is ok for me to contact him before recommending, maybe through email? It will be good to know him a little more and recommend a church that is suitable for him, e.g. location and profile of members that he will be comfortable with. 🙂

  2. Pauiline, I want to thank you for the blog of the wineskin. I first want to say that one never knows how God will use what we write and dare to share in a blog. Your blog help me in more than one way. I’m writing a story and wanted to know the kind of oil that was use to reuse a wineskin which led me to your blog. Now after reading it, it gave me new insight about the teaching in the story of our Lord Jesus to us all. Last I don’t meet many other believers who question, think and write like you. Thank you. God bless you and may He continue to give you time and thought to write more. Lidia Hu

    1. Hi Lidia, praise the Lord! I am blessed to know God used my simple sharing to give you new insight. Do share with me the story after you are finished. Would love to read it! 😄

  3. I really find your blog inspiring and adds another very well reasoned and researched to my own Bible reading. I am just starting to read the Bible, especially the gospels again.

    Linda Hall

    1. Hi Linda, keep reading! Praying that God will reveal to you His deep knowledge as you study His Word.

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