Lion in the Wilderness

A sketch of a lion in a desert using colour pencils.

Singapore is a hot and wet city as we are very close to the equator. For almost 2 months we didn’t have rain. Our water reserve is running low but thank God that we do not need water ration. Compounding to this issue, the slash and burn practice in Indonesia and many fire spots in singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have caused haze. We are in dire need of rain…

On 12 March 2014 I was praying for rain in the prayer room and I saw a lion seated at the right top corner of a desert. The whole picture was yellow! It was calm even though dry. It is not barren but that the tall grass is dry so all turn yellow or golden.

I believe this is God assurance that He is with us in this drought season. There is no cause for panic. In fact some trees in Singapore are flowering extremely well due to the dry season.

16 Mar 2014: Praise the Lord that it drizzled!
17 Mar 2014: God opened the floodgates and rained and rained and rained!!

Chipmunk in a Pitcher Plant

Photo taken using an iPhone4S without editing at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

I saw a chipmunk in a pitcher plant while admiring the beauty of the flowers in the Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay. It tickles me so much by its cuteness! This photo is NOT photoshoped or edited to put in the chipmunk. The photo is exactly what I saw with my eye using my idiot proof iPhone camera! =)