Mind Processing

Mind Processing

Felt I needed to process through multiple things and not sure where to start. So I took my notebook and a pen out. Prayed and told the Holy Spirit to help me release what is inside to bring clarity. So I just drew and out came Mind Processing.

This can be traced within one pen stroke, meaning everything is connected by one line. Then colours were added. Took me possibly about 6-8 hours, using pockets of time over 3 days.

As I drew, I knew that God is opening up my mind to things that were stuck within me. Went through a session of emotional release in prayer for matters that had been troubling me for a while. Blockages were cleared so that the line could continue to form the picture.

May the Lord give me His vision and heart so that I will know what to do for 2018.

Open Tri

Open TriHad stomach problems today, probably a delayed response to some bacteria from my recent Israel trip. This forced rest became a forced sit down session to do a visual response to the almost 2-weeks trip. Motifs from the trip are all embeded, including some personal God moments. I have received so much blessing from leading this group of 44. Much healing took place as well. God is good!

Some photos of the Israel-Jordan trip can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1824297401186038.1073741830.1678984219050691&type=1&l=d0dd4034b4