“I am Thirsty”

I am Thirsty

I wrote a series of devotion for my church on the Seven Last Words of Jesus for this Lent season and sharing them here. I am happy to discuss the answers to the questions in the comments below. So feel free to engage me in a dialogue. =)

Fifth of Seven Last Words of Jesus

John 19:28 (NASB): “After this, Jesus, knowing that all things had already been accomplished, to fulfill the Scripture, said, “I am thirsty.”


Read: John 19:28-29.

  1. What the “things” that had been accomplished?
  2. What is Jesus thirsty for?
  3. Do you think there is significance in the use of hyssop? If yes, why?


Read: Matthew 25:31-40.

Not too long before the crucifixion Jesus taught the teaching recording in Matt 25:31-40. Jesus’ thirst on the cross was satisfied by sour wine, i.e. vinegar, given through a hyssop branch. The modern day church can satisfy this thirst of Jesus even though Jesus is now sitting at the right hand of the Father. “I thirst, I quench” can be found at the entrance of every Mother Teresa’s missions chapel. Her desire was to “satiate the thirst of Jesus on the cross for the love of souls.”

  1. Have you ever fed someone who is hungry, give drink to one who is thirsty, clothe one who is naked, visit one who is sick or go to one who is in prison? If yes, what motivated you to do it? If no, what is stopping you from doing it?



  1. Spend some quiet moments with the Lord and ask Him to help you experience His thirst. Allow Him to show you the things that you can do to quench His thirst and note them down. Take action on the things He showed you at the right time.


Break Our Hearts! https://youtu.be/7zGQL-O9aew

It’s time for us to live the songs we sing
And turn our good intentions into action
To bring the kind of worship you desire
And move beyond our self-absorbed distractions

The mountains are shaking
Could this be a great awakening

Break our hearts
With the things that break Yours
Wake us up to see through Your eyes
Break our hearts
With the things that break yours
And send us out to shine in the darkness

Verse 2
It’s time to move outside our comfort zone
To see beyond our churches and our homes
To change the way we think and how we spend
Until we look like Jesus again

Here I am, send me
To be Your hands and feet
Here I am, send me, I will go

I will love to hear from you! =)