Under the Shadow


We love the thought of being under the shadow of God’s wings. It is a place of shelter, a place of safety, a place of rest. It speaks of God’s protection and His love towards us. A very comforting and reassuring place to be.

One characteristics about shadow that we perhaps often did not realise is that it is dark. The covering provided cut out light. Even as it shields us from the dangers outside, it also shield off the light.

Here comes the question: How do we differentiate between the darkness of being under the Almighty’s shadow and the darkness of evil? Do we confuse these two places?

Being under the shadow of Almighty, even though dark, but the warmth of God’s presence can still be felt although not seen. Like chicks being tucked under the wings of their mother, it can be dark when her wings fully covers them but the body warmth of the mother can definitely be felt. Conversely, darkness of evil is the absence of God. There will be no warm presence of God at all. Perhaps one can run on the deception that it is a shadow, but the coldness will one day be felt in the bones.


Similarly, when God’s hand in upon a person to bring him/her to another place, the moment when His hand comes near, it is possibly the darkest moment where vision is completely cut off. Yet if we allow Him to lift us up from the place we were standing, and move us to the new place He had plan, once His hand is lifted, our eyes will see a very different landscape from the previous. So let’s be at rest and trust God’s hand.

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