Start of A Dream I Never Knew I had

White Stone Experience is a dream I never knew I had until God led me to it. Never in my life I actually thought that I will be a owner of a travel agency. Not even once. When I embarked on the journey, I am deeply aware that God knows me better than myself. I am passionate about the nations and travel is part of it. In my own small mind I would never have dreamt of this and now it is the beginning of this journey of walking this dream I never knew I had.

White Stone Experience is a travel agency that seeks to serve the body of Christ with travel services. Not the usual flag tour packages, flights and hotels but wanting to create travel experience that goes beyond the rest & pleasure for our physical and soul, but also nourishment to our spirit, taking us deeper in our relationship with God.

We first registered the partnership in 26 July 2013. We incorporated it on 25 Mar 2014. Since then we tried to meet the criteria set by Singapore Tourism Board in our application for a travel agent license. We first applied for the license on 16 Oct 2013 but couldn’t complete the process as we didn’t meet the criteria. It was until July 2014 that we officially put in our application on 10 July 2014. Tonight, 3 October 2014 7:55pm an email was sent to notify us that the license is approved but pending payment! I made payment online and tonight at 11:16pm we got our license!

Today is Yom Kippur, the Biblical Day of Atonement whereby it is a solemn day of repentance. With the death and resurrection, him being our high priest and perfect sacrificial lamb, followers of Jesus Christ do not have to bear the same fear to come before God. It is today God chooses to demonstrate His power and faithfulness to us by releasing the license to us.

White Stone Experience website is but it is still very bare. We will update it once we start putting things in place. We have a Facebook page too at

I am totally blown away!! It has been a long time since I have been so delighted!!! =)

I will love to hear from you! =)