A Fishy Life

Fish is good for us, but they have bones. Although we can have deboned fillet, often times in Asia the whole fish is served, with the bones.

Perhaps eating fish is like experiencing life. Some things in life comes with bones that can choke us, and some things in life are so sweet and smooth, just like cod fish. Fresh water fish are known for its small and countless bones. To eat them without choking takes skill and care. When we do not know how to pick out the bones and throw them out, we get choked. Most often than not, life dishes out fish with bones to us. All situations have both the positive and negative – the meat and the bone. The question then is whether we are able to identify the negative and stop it from entering into us, just like how we pick out the bones from the fish. Or do we spit out the the meat with the bones or stop having fish altogether? “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water” is similar to such reactions to bones.

This is never easy with life experiences. To allow the many life experiences, usually those that cost us much tears and sleep, to enrich our lives without being choked by the bones, like bitterness and jadedness, is perhaps a life skill that needs to be intentionally cultivated.

Fishy Life

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